Friday, April 9, 2010

Window Pane

When you make bread there is a trick to tell if it had been kneaded enough. You break off a small piece of dough rotating and gently stretching it into a thin translusant membrane.
Sometimes I am willing to bet we all feel like that small piece of dough. When we are feelin good and relaxed you can be gently stretched and become almost see through. When we are not relaxed and thoughly kneaded we tear easily and get huge holes. Not becomeing stretched and see through. I think Right now i am not mixed well hahah. I think I need more rest and kneading. Anyone wanna run away to the beach for a weekend with me? Of course im really not going. This weekend Tim and I have a date tomorrow and then dinner with some people on Sunday. *sigh* but for now i must help my naked child find some clothes

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