Monday, April 19, 2010

Sounds of Sumatanga 2010

Friday was our GIRLS ONLY camping trip with friends to Camp Sumatanga's Sounds of Sumatanga.
We had a van full of all things Girls Love like Oreo's and Little Debbies. We all had new bantoonas (bandana's and sandals. We were so ready. We just had to wait for T. Once they finishished thier Dr.'s appt and we were on the road we cranked the tunes!!! Thanks to my trusty GPS we got there without incident.  Once there the GIRLS decided THEY should put up the tent. How awesome is that? They put the tent up all by themselves!
After we got both tents put up we decided to do a little hiking and a little Geocaching. We found one cache in our camping area and another near the lake. The one by the lake was a little was tied to the roof by mono-fillimant and surrounded by bees, wasps, and inch worms, ALTHOUGH on the hike we did find a dinosaur egg!!! After we found the last cache and started hiking back Baby A and BigGwrl got just a little worn out and a little crabby,

 so we decided to take a drive to the Chapel on the Mountian. This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have EVER seen.
It is peaceful and serene. I love being up there. It is truely my favorite place in Alabama.
The drive..wooo. not for the motion sick. hahaha.
There was a Cache there as well. Though I didn't look long for this one. The chapel overlooks a cliff so I babysat the Children by making sure they did not get close to the edge. Thats just what we dont need :). After T and Eldest located the cache we ate supper. We had hot dogs and chips overlooking the valley. It was just amazing.
It was starting to get late so we headed to the assembly that the camp was having for the early campers. It was a blast! We got there just in time for thier last song. :( But Just in time for the fun games and dancing!!! The girls had sooo much fun! We played games where you had to find someone that had ---- in common with you. The girls had trouble but they are little. They loved it though. OH MY GOODNESS they started doing fun dances and the girls got out there and were shaking some booty! By this time it was like 9pm and the kids were DEFINATLY ready for some quiet time.
We headed back to camp for a special treat and Jammie time. Eldest had started complaining of a headache. Since she is prone to get migranes we got her medicine as soon as we could and sent her to bed.
A volunteer that T knew started a fire for us so the girls were able to roast marshmellows!! And as you know you CANT go camping without Marshmellows. After the girls went to bed and I got some quiet time. I got back to the tent and Edlest was worse. She started throwing up LUCKLIY not in the tent!! So after a VERY quick coversation with T and a change of kiddos. Eldest and I loaded up to come home. Let me tell you what you know you have a good friend when she keeps your babies and takes down your tent so you can take your sick child back home. I LOVE T. She is the BEST FRIEND EVER. We made it home safely. And Eldest never broke Rule #1 !!! Rule num #1 is do not throw up in the car!!! We did pull off a few times. She was feeling better after sleeping.
So now Eldest and I are home and my little girls are camping with their best friends. With no cell signal so i knew i would not be able to get a hold of them. I was not worried though they were in good hands. I did miss them though. Eldest rested as a sicky should and we were able to spend time together. Which is a rareity and has helped us be a little closer. When the babies finally got home they were soooooo tired!! Poor kids they were so worn out. we got home bigGwrl was crashed out but Middlest aww this is the best. She climbed into my lap with her blankie and fell asleep in my arms. What really got me though was she had started difting to sleep when she whispered i love you mommy. I teared up. Even now i am tearing. It's been at least 4 years since i help her as she fell asleep and that she wanted her mommy that much wasjust..... *sniff*
So i am ending this with.....
is that not the most beautiful thing?
Here is the link to T's blog post of this weekend through her POV. Bumbs in the road

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