Thursday, April 8, 2010

PTA, Meetings, errands and Kids

I am so sorry dear friends that I have been neglecting you. It has been super crazy around here this week. I've had meetings, PTA stuff, Ms. Kitty went back in the hospital. Normal everyday errands and everything else a mommy gets to do. It's been hard to keep my head from spinning off. I would say I think its FINALLY under control but... it's not. I did not write on Saturday and Sunday due to the Holiday and spending time with family.
   We had a GREAT Easter filled with love and family. We spent Saturday with my family and Sunday with Big Daddy. We had soo many Easter Egg hunts. I of course took to many pictures.
We had all the staples Ham, Pork Roast, Potato Salad, Jello salad, hot rolls and of course no good southen meal is ever complete with out homemade Mac and Cheese. Ya'll just don't even know!
I think I gained 30 lbs. this weekend.
 Monday Ms. Kitty went back in the hospital. We had been expecting it but.. well its still difficult. We love her so much. The girls and I went and visited her later after they got home from school. Then Tues Middlest had her very FIRST school program. I have to say SHE was the bestest Kindergartner there. And the TALLEST, but I am not biased in anyway.  She was such a rock star! I am so proud!!
Today is Ms. Kitty day!! Im takin some lunch and we are going to hang out and color our hair.. in the hospital. Im not sure how it will work out but you never know.

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