Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I freaking ROCK

So if there is one thing we are born to do in this world mine is shopping. I LOVE to buy things for my husband and by kids. Even more I love to save money. So when faced with 80deg weather and 3 little girls who are wearing high water pants because they have all grown 3 sizes this year what does a shopaholic mom do? she goes shopping of course!! Unfortunaly due to summer plans and trying to put money back we have very little. I talked my way into a 50$ limit at least ir's something though. So I did my research, my price comparison and all that. It did not seem like I was going to be able to buy to much for the girls maybe a pair of shorts each.
As I drove down the road it hit me well i saw the big grand opening sign.  one of my favorite thrift stores moved closer to me!!! $4 walmart sacks of clothes. This is what I needed! I got in they had bumped up thier prices to 5$. Apparently people have had a problem with this. I am not one of them! So Biggwrl and I start stacking and grabbing every pair of shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops they have in sizes 4-14 I could barley see over it. Then as we were taking off the hangers I noticed an Eagle statue that looked like it was made of grey cement hmmm. the guy pulled it out of the case yep Mt. St. Helens ash 1$ did you hear me 1$ . We also bought a new purse for bigGwrl 1$ Total cost at the Hanger thrift store 13$. two walmart sacks FULL of clothes. and a Mt. St. Helens ash statue. So I decide to hit my #1 favorite.. it used to be a Hanger but now its called Sacs on 72. This one the guy and I have a good friendship. I pass my goods (outgrown stuff) on to him he crams my bags to the brim. Oh and did I hit pay dirt here!! I got an eagles Cheerleader outfit for Eldest to play dress up with her sisters, I got sundresses, church dresses, overalls, shorts man did i get shorts, shorts and more shorts. I had such a huge pile it took us 5 min to take off all the hangers, I couldnt even SEE over this pile!!! Total cost at sacs on 72 15$ for 3 bags of summer clothes.
So the total for today?
We started with 50$ to buy summer clothes for my growing girls
Hanger Thrift Store 13
Sacs on 72 15
Subway 10$
our grand total for the day 38.00$
38.00$ for 5 bulging walmart sacks of clothes, 1 statue, 1 purse and 1 nice relaxing lunch with my sweet girl.

Biggwrls stash lots of dresses

Middlest's lots of skorts and tshirts

Eldest's pile dontcha LOVE that uniform? she has the most so far.. once they get home and try stuff on things will change hands and well bodies

Speaking of Subway.. im all for these skinny minnie girls who want to watch what they eat but this one lady... she got the Turkey breast 6 inch no cheese, lots of veggies, then DOUBLE MAYO. WHAT? HUH?


artsy_momma said...

Hi! Here is the link to the Ultimate Blog Party... I couldn't reply to the comment email:

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Nice shopping!

I'm visiting from the party. I've got some giveaways going. Party post!

Stef said...

Wow! I am impressed!! Stopping in from the party!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the blog party, too. I really like your blog. Gonna follow and add you to my blogroll. :)

Anonymous said...

AND I just have to say, I LOVE your taste in music! White and Nerdy makes me laugh soooo hard. I love it. And I love the Monkees and the Hollies. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stoppin by from the UBP! You did awesome!