Monday, April 12, 2010

My beautiful night

Our family is known for our crazy road trips. Since last years crazy.. hey umm we are going for a drive i'm not sure where we are going.. call you in the morning.. love ya trip we've been hesitant about going for a drive. Well tonight we just couldnt take it anymore. We ate supper and loaded up the kids (in their jammies) and took off. It wasn't SO far of a drive but enough for the little girls to fall asleep and us to enjoy the sunset and the stars coming out with Eldest. Let me tell you what.. that child is something else. She is a little smart mouthy.. hahah just like me. We had a blast. There was this one road we turned down.. no street lights.. trees on both sides of the road..then this really creepy haunted house sounding song came on.. not wanting to be the weenie of the trip I just bit my tongue until Eldest kinda whispered can we please change the station cause im getting a little creeped out. Then we both stated laughing and Big Daddy just shook his head and made fun of us. At least we were both weenies together.

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Kat said...

that sounds so fun! i'm glad you had a good time =]

p.s. <3 THIS SONG! (tainted love.) i had to watch rihanna butcher it at the teen choice awards a few years ago. i mean, she's a good singer but nothing could compare to the original.