Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Layout pictures

Sorry about not posting in so long things have been really crazy and not so worth writing about...
I finally got pictures of some Layouts i've created for WiseScrappers I can not WAIT to show you... The fairy one gave me some issues.. first I could not quite figgure out what exactally I wanted to do.. I just could not find the right paper. Then I found the paper but could not figgure out how to lay out the pictures or anything else. I knew if I just kept up on it.. Inspiration would come eventually. I just knew it. Kinda.
Here were the FINAL results.
Is that not beautiful? Both BigGwrl and I were sooo happy with how it turned out.

The next is just a simple layout I made for the window of the shop with pictures of me and my "Dearest" Friends

Just as simple as can be but I still love it!

I hope youhave enjoyed this weeks broadcast of well whatever the heck this is.
Stay tuned tomorrow for Take you Child to work day.

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