Friday, April 9, 2010

The beautiful Mountians

One thing I love about Alabama is living in the FOOT HILLS in certin parts of Huntsville during a thunder storm the Thunder just rolls off the hills and sounds so completly different than anywhere else in the world. You may be wondering why I capitolized FOOT HILLS it's due to the fact that southerners think they are mountians.
Okay you Washingtonians can pull yourself off the floor. Take a deep breath.. find your center..ect.
I agree those are not Mountians. They are the speed bumbs of mountains.
Yet try telling anyone from Alabama that.
Anyways all the trees are in bloom and thier color right now is just so amazing. The pictures just dont do them justice. In my defence I had to pull off the road to kill a bug before it ate Biggwrl and I wanted to get a picture to show you.
I love the beauty of this part of our amazing county I just wish they would quit calling them Mountians.

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