Friday, April 9, 2010


So im not sure who told BigGwrl that bugs were going to eat her but i'm about to KILL THEM! The above picture is what some down here our family included call Skeeter Eaters. It is a simple Crane Fly. HARMLESS Apparently one of the girls told BigGwrl is was a super Skeeto and It would suck out all of her blood and kill her. (Sounds like Eldest). So now my poor little girl is DEATHLY afraid of ANY KIND of bug. Including ants. She goes in to full blown panic attack. I am serious. Today she started screaming and crying and climbing over seats in the van yelling about the bugs. I quickly pulled off the road and climbed into the backseat to find a MOTH. A freaking moth!!!!! So of course i squished it (sorry guys) and consoled my baby. Then later on it was a ladybug. A LADYBUG got on her and was going to kill her. A LADYBUG!! So i had to brush that off and make sure it didnt posion her and try to kill her. Im not sure who told her or why she is going through this.. she has always been fearless about bugs but i promice you i will find out!! And they will pay.. oh yes they will pay.

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Becky said...

It wasn't me I promise! I'm so sorry for you both though.