Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wading with Indiana

Today was such a beautiful afternoon AND Thursday which meant Big Daddy got of work early!! We had to wait for the AC repair guy to get here and fix our Air Conditioner. Then we were headed out to do some serious wading. That is what Pre-Summer means at our house. Wading and Subway... except well no Subway today. Today we took Indiana so she could get a little energy out. Poor baby. She is so tired now.
When she's gone with Babygwrl and myself she usually is content to sit on the shore and occasionaly lick the water. Today she decided if all the girls could do it.. so could she. She had soooo much fun. She LOVED the water!! Her first time in the creek!!
this was when she had started to get cold and decided it was time to get out. We knew she'd love it. Indie has to be locked up during bathtime because she jumps in the tub with babygwrl.
Anyways this was an area Big Daddy and Bigwrl found last week. The water is shallow for quite a ways but still moving so I didn't have to worry about some nasty stagnate water cooties. Only thing we might have a problem with is SNAKES. Ugh.... just the thought.....
She had to make sure the water wasn't to deep here.

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