Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring in the South

Last week I raved about how beautiful Spring is and how I love sitting outside but hate Allergies.
You probably laughed. HOWEVER this is what Spring in the south really is about. POLLEN.
First you might notice that slightly diffrent color to your car. You get a little closer and you notice it has a slight yellow tinge. You notice you feel itchy and grainy. Your throat is scratchy, watery eyes, sneezing. Yep its that time of year. You love the fact you have doors on your van that open automatically so you dont have to actually touch the car and when you do it's with one finger. ugh. So We found out it was going to rain.. this is the best part because it washes away the pollen right?
This is where my Van was! See all that yellow? All of that was on my car. Every sidewalk and puddle looks like this. This is Spring in the south.
Just looking at it make me itchy. This is why I have to take Zyrtec, carry Benedryl, and wet wipes everywhere I go. I was Suprised though when I saw this...

I didn't realise the pollen was this bad, apparently the pollen levels are at historic levels. Ugh no wonder I hesitate to do anything outside.. or touch anything out there. I told you it was scary, but you didn't belive me!!!

I would like to share that right now the pollen level is astronomically high. How crazy is that it's like quadruple the normal HIGH amount.

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