Wednesday, April 14, 2010

if she cant go to the boys....let the boys come to her.

ya'll we got a problem.
A big one.

Ever seen 10 things I hate about you?
The father?
That would be Big Daddy. And with good reason!! I am in no way saying that he is in the wrong.
He's just obcessed with boys being near his daughters. Even to the point he refused to discuss her playing with her friends.. because THE BOYS were over there too.
THE BOYS are 3 certin young men who have been coming by the house to see if Eldest can come over to play with them. Typically its two boys. One is always the same the "wing man" changes between two other boys.
Since Big Daddy REFUSED to discuss her playing with her friends saying she is just fine in our yard only playing with her little sisters. I called in the big dog. Ms. Ducky. Eldest's mommy. Tecnically Big Daddy can overrule any desicions made though when Ms. Ducky and I decided something together he seems to pay a little more attn than he would if we were seperate. So she and I decided Eldest OUGHT to be allowed to play OUTSIDE with her friends. Never allowed in thier houses AND she had to take my cell phone so anyone of the three of us can call to check on her. Good Compromise right?
We told him of our compromise HOPING against all hope that he might let our precious little girl venture out in the world.
He has decided that we must discuss our expectations with her and he must talk with the boys and thier parents. THESE POOR KIDS ARE 11 years old!!!!! They just want to play basketball together!!!
It's just basketball!! Apparently 11 year old boys only have one thing on thier minds and us girls just do not understand the temptation! So today I went ahead and gave her my phone and let her go play with THE BOYS and Eldest's dearest friend. She ended up having to go to the grocery store with us. but as soon as we got home  THE EVIL BASKETBALL PLAYING BOYS came back wanting her to come over again.. Seeing how it was almost time for Big Daddy to get home and I did not want him to have a heart attack because his daughter was consorting with BOYS I said no. Then they came back to see if they could play in the yard.. they even brought a little brother who is kindergarten to play with Middlest and Biggwrl. How sweet it's like a double date!!!
   About 5 min later Big Daddy drove up. hahah. I was right about the Heart Attack part. You should have seen his face when he saw THE BOYS were in HIS YARD with HIS GIRLS. It so totally went white! It was great! well for me. Being a good mommy and wanting to save poor Eldest from a lifetime of humilation and rejection I bribed him to come in the house. At least until he calmed down a little bit. So now I am sitting out here blogging and he is TRYING to BBQ hamburgers... Im trying to keep him from speaking.. it's a battle.
I think im going to hear ALL about it tonight. But its so worth it to see my girls having fun playing with friends. Even if they are EVIL BOYS.

btw. THE BOY thinks our dog Genesis is named after the Sega Genesis.. and his pants keep falling down. I might be forced to agree with Big Daddy about THE BOY.


Kat said...

HAHA! i wish i could have seen all this play out!

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by via the Ultimate Blog Party.
Have a great day!

Abby C. said...

omg. i can totally see my husband doing the exact same thing when our daughters get older! YIKES! LOL stopping by from UBP!

Sunshine Paperie said...

my dad would call every boy who came over Eddie Haskell! You have a fun blog!

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! As far as 'boys' go I'm glad my girls are too young for that right now but I dread the future! lol
Beth ~Fabulous Won