Friday, April 2, 2010

my wittle memers

This is MY baby. My MeMe. We call her Princess Memers. She is all mine!!
For those who are new and don't know. Meme belonged to a friend of ours in the Seniors group I help out with. When she moved into a retirement home she could not take both her cats and she asked if we would take Meme for her. We had not planned on having a cat but we could not turn her down. Meme is the best cat in the whole world. I have NEVER seen a more affectionate cat. She loves to lick you. It's gets kinda annoying when you are trying to sleep but.. She comes out of our room every once in a while  until the dog chase her. She has these adorable (to me NOT Big Daddy) habits. Mrs. Lavelle used to play with her in the bathroom all the time so potty time is play time to her. She comes up and puts one paw on your knee and stretches out to pat your cheek (FACE) with her other paw. I LOVE it!! How sweet is that?! The other is she LOVES to sleep with me. If i lay on my side she sleeps on my "bottom" or right next to me. If I lay on my back she sleeps between my legs. HOWEVER lately she has adopted this REALLY wierd thing of climbing into the covers. So that in the middle of the night when you can't sleep because SOMEONE is SNORING (VERY LOUDLY) and you are squirming around your feet will accidently brush up against something soft and furry and you almost scream until it licks you and you realize it's just the cat. Then you pray someone doesn't...okay well you nudge her so she survives the night :)
But seriously I LOVE my memers!
and no I am very very very sleepy not drunk :)

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Julia said...

Did you know orange is a pretty rare color for a female? Yep, most orange tabbies are males :)