Monday, April 26, 2010

Washington Scrapbook

My mother and I are working on a Scrapbook for her Washington D.C. trip. She does not like typical scrapbooks that only highlight one or two pictures, so we created Chapter pages so that she can have the best of both worlds.
   We started out with a Title Page
We wanted Cherry Blossoms to be the focal point, because they went during the higth of the Cherry Blossom season.

For this one we used a Breast Cancer awareness paper but we didnt want to repeat the same thing we did for the title page.

This is Hotel they stayed at and the Pub they frequented. I used travel paper and white fabric THICKERS.. I wanted more of a brown/tan but we did not have any so i took a brown ink pad and rubbed it over the letters then blotted them.

We used Stamping company (i think) paper and Rainboots THICKERS

For this one we used the same paper then cut the White House out of another piece of paper. I dont remember which kind of THICKERS we used sorry.

For this one I loved doing this one... I used my wavey paper cutter to cut red and white stripes that i pieced together. I used the CRICUT to cut white stars.
I used the Same THICKERS as the one above. This was also the Stamping Company At least i think it was.

For this page of thier Manassas Tour I was not sure what to do to reflect the Hictorical Impact.. so Eldest and I did a little research and came up with this cannon to embellish the page. We rubbed a little sliver ink to shine it up a bit.

For this one We LOVED this We the People paper. We wanted to bring out the diffrent colors of brown.. that the parchment print had.

This one was my sneaky one.. Mom did not pick out this paper. She picked out something more Church like. Not that its a bad thing it just didn't go with the NATIONAL CATHEDRAL so I looked around the shop and found this one. It's very stained glass looking. I thought it turned out PERFECT.

This one was another I had some issues with but I think it came together perfectly.

LOVED this one!!! I tried to draw a Mason's symbol but it just didnt work so I printed one off the net. Once again I used my brown ink pad and rubbed it over the cardstock to make it more antique and less WHITE. I LOVED how this one turned out.

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