Monday, October 26, 2009

A day away from the girls

I worked this Saturday at Wisescrappers my fav place in my whole world next to bed :) I had a BLAST I taught myself how to do embossing and had a great time!! The bonus was when I got home Tim had arranged for the grandparents to take the little girls for the evening!! He had made me pizza and picked out some squishy girly movies he knew I liked and we ate pizza and watched movies in bed!! My favorite kind of date! In the morning we (HE) went fishing I discovered a superfab book called THE SUNDAY WIFE is was so touching I couldn't put it down. Anyways... Grandparents brought the littler girls to where we were fishing and we all sat around and helped the girls fish. We only caught one little fishy but that was okay.. good mommies always make sure we have a few GORTONS in the freezer for times like that :).  We had a great weekend just enjoying being together before our week started. This week we have 2 field trips, tutoring, company coming over, volunteer work, WHO, finishing Halloween costumes, and soooo much more!! Stay tuned to the same bat time and same bat channel

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