Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday the 14th

Last night I made the family veggie beef stoop ( A combination of stew and soup) . SOO yummy! Anyways I also decided that i'd make some bread as well. We have two problems with this. One : I have trouble with yeast it just HATES me,  I have to use a thermomitor just to make sure the water is perfect. Two: I get OBSESSIVE about yeast bread.. I keep making it trying to get it just right... loaves and loves of it. Different recipes diffrent types just practicing. So true to form this morning I had found a new recipe for a country itallian bread. This was the most fiddily recipe i've ever seen. Add yeast to water allow to rest..add flour allow to rest.. blah blah blah. I started this recipe at 9 am it was finally completely done about 3:30pm . Six and a half HOURS of rising and adding things and rising again.  During all the rest times for the bread I decided like a good little house keeper to clean up in between what I was doing. Well I picked up my rotary cutter not realizing it was up and sliced the FIRE out of of my thumb. Blood is everywhere! My neighbor had to come and help me bandage it cause I couldn't get the bleeding to stop. FUN fun!! we eventually did THANK YOU HON!!! Then after I got the throbbing to finnally stop I went to put the bread in the over not noticing that my dearest love put my oven racks in the oven the wrong way!! so I burned both of my wrists trying to get the bread off the rack and get it turned around. *sigh* I finally gave up and went to go get the girls from school. Not bothering to change clothes since I was picking both up in car rider. Middlest got in the car everything was fine. We turned around to wait for Eldest to finishe her club meeting. Well of course Middlest and Babygirl both have to go potty. So mommy with her crazy hair and flour covered clothes gets to go in the school and make a fool of herself!! It was a great day! It did get better though after we got the littler girls in bed Eldest and I found an NCIS marathon and stayed up a little later than we probably should have considering it was a school night, But daddy was tutoring so he wasn't home . We also made Apple Pie for breakfast.

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