Friday, October 9, 2009

candles and storms

Today instead of doing all the apple things I thought i'd do I ended up teaching the girls how to make candles one of my favorite things to make. Yesterday we carved out pumpkins to make into candles. They turned out AMAZING !! We added cinnimon spice scents and colored the wax orange. They were amazing.  My brother thought they were store bought. The girls were sooo proud!! Today was the first tornado warning of the fall so we had to bail and go over to Gwamma and Pookie-boo's house. The girls were NOT upset about this. Pookie-boo was off today and he showed the girls how to make homemade pizza. Letting each help at thier own level. Baby girl got to butter the pans, middlest got to count out pepperoni, and eldest I was most proud of... She helped so much, she got to cut up and cook things to go on the pizza's. I think she really stunned Pookie-boo with how well she is doing with her cooking skills. Gwamma and I were able to sit around and read and generally just relax. My brother and his wife came in from out of town to visit for the week. You should have heard the girls screetching in excitement to see them. I think the only time the younger girls left thier Aunt was to go eat. We had such a good time. Baby girl ate soooo much pizza she had three peices!! She hasn't eatten more than a few bites of ANYTHING except salad in the past two weeks. Leave it to her pookie-boo to know what she likes :). Tim is running his online game over at a friends house tonight so I am all by myself in the relitivly clean quiet house. It's kinda lonley. He did however leave the TV in the living room so I plugged in the cable. So I could keep track of the weather.. yeah right!! An Officer and a Gentalman is on.. while I don't think it's the best squishy movie it's better than the other crap on TV. So until I finally feel bored enough to go to bed it'll work.

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