Friday, October 9, 2009

Apples,Apples everywhere but not a one to share

Well its back to apple cooking today. WOOHOO I have NO idea what apple-y things im going to make today. Tim is having some friends over for dinner and he wants me to make skettie but i dont think apples would go good in that..but then again. maybe today we will just stick with apple sauce and apple dumplings. Since Tim is running his game tonight i think the little ones and I will have a movie night! Popcorn and mommy's bed what could be more fun?? Except the whole sleeping on popcorn. 'Cause you know its going to happen. We had planned on going to my mothers house for homemade pizza but apparently they have gotten a leak in our of thier bathrooms. So that is WAAAYY out. Good thing kids are adapable!

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