Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicken in the middle

You know those days when you are dragged against your will somewhere like.. hmm i dont know a Republican Mens breakfast the whole family is there eatting away, Then they start talking. Your eldest lifts her head glares at YOU and says I didn't know they would be talking!! Your middleist waits all of about 10 more min before climbing into your lab and starting to snuggle and whisper at you and fidget. Your baby waits about 10 more min before saying very loudly I HAVE TO PEE PEE BAD!! IM GONNA PEE MY DOWA PANIES!!! Which you know to translate into i am very bored and I will contiue to yell that i have to pee so you will get me the hell out of here. You that THAT kind of situation? That would be the invention of a game called "CHICKEN IN THE MIDDLE" which if you say in a Superman voice really sounds awesome. The church where Tim's meeting was at has like a sitting area outside the girls bathroom.  This sitting area had a carpet with a large square on it. There were 4 of us girls so being the brillant mommy that I am i nvented chicken in the middle which is everyone stands on a corner and then two numbers 1-4 get called out and those ppl run and switch places.  We had a blast. So the next day we brought out the spray paint and made a HUGE square in the yard and showed daddy how to play. The 5th person goes in the middle and has to steal a corner while the others are running. And just to add a dash more fun we have CHICKENS WITH THIER HEADS CUT OFF  which means everybody run and find a new corner! Great fun for very active children who have been cooped up due to rain.

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