Thursday, October 22, 2009

Franken-mote, Bald Pythons and Sundae's

            My day started with going to check on babygirl who daddy plugged into her fav movie of the week THE LAST UNICORN... only to find her surrounded by broken remote control pieces, I explained that we would not be able to turn on the TV now (the power switch on the front is busted) and I asked her why she took it apart.. she wanted to see how it worked. uh huuh.. Called Tim to tell him he was a bad influence on the girls and what did he do laugh and say Evil Genuis for a better tomorrow's newest member babygirl!!! uh huh JUST LIKE HER DADDY. Geek to the core.
            Today was REPORT CARD day dum dum dum not really anything to worry about. The two schoolers do fairly well in school. We get special treats for good grades the girls get to pick out a special dinner or we get ice cream. So off the bus they came report cards in hand. Eldest got good grades which I expected since   I drill her everynight. Middlest I was a little worried about how she was doing.. she needs progress in some areas but overall she did good. While we waited for daddy to get home we decided to go play outside while the weather was nice. Oh it was a beautiful evening cool no mosquitos just perfect. The girls busted out thier bikes to ride around the yard. Eldest was bike-less so we dug out my old bike and adjusted it for her. She had never ridden an "adult" bike with gears before so she was super excited. They rode up and down the street for about an hour until we had to get dinner started. After dinner... sorry everyone i was voted down no apples today :(. We dug out all kinds of yummies for ice cream we had Hot Fudge, Oreo's, mashed up Oreos, Raspberry jelly and Sugar- free yummies for daddy. We had a BLAST everyone got to add how much of whatever they wanted to thier Ice cream bowls. I think we all left the table a little sick. It was so much fun. We haven't had enough chairs for our table so we haven't eatten there for a while and it reminds me why I love sitting down and eatting dinner together around the table. Middlest apparently had someone from a pet store come in today and all through dinner and dessert she told us about Bald pythons and scorpians. How the wrap around, bite you , sting and all those fun things. Did you know a little girl DIED from a bald python wrapping around her. I had to try so hard not to laugh because she was very serious. All the while our diabetic daddy is trying to snitch Babygirl's OREO's Finally she smacked his hand and told him if he didn't behave she would tell him to go back to work.  What a great day!! Some days I love my family. Now I'm off to bury myself in the AWESOMENESS that is Jacob Black because Tim has decided we should watch a guy movie while he folds laundry.

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