Monday, October 26, 2009

my beautiful little yeasty

So right now I am in this mastering bread phase. So I have been expermenting with different recipes tying to get them to taste diffrent than yeast bread. Once I mastered not killing the yeast last year I got adventurous and have been branching out but all my diffrent recipes tasted the same. Today however I tried starting a sponge and OH MY GOODNESS this bread was freaking awesome!! It took all day to start the sponge and get things going but it made the most amazing bread and with this started i just keep it in the fridge and pull off a few peices when im ready to make something. I think in the morning i'm going to make homemade cinn rolls for my girls :). Also a loaf to take to work to show off :)
Today was also Eldest trip to BEAR CREEK CAVE and something or other she had a BLAST! She outlined every little tiny detail for me even down to who sat where on the bus. It was great I love hearing her talk about things she has done! Middlest had her first parent teacher confrence today and that went very well I am sooo impressed with how she is doing. Her teacher said she was very social and had a very active imagination....wonder where she got that from!!!

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Living the G life! said...

Your bread sounds amazing! I for the life of me have no clue where that sweet girl could have gotten her personality from ;)