Sunday, October 4, 2009

DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon

we went camping this weekend to Desoto state park to celebrate our anniversary. It was sooo beautiful!
we got there Friday night right before dark so as soon as we found a camping spot Tim and elder child started pitching tents while little ones helped me start a fire to cook our supper. We had all decided to have shish-kabobs..ohhhh man were those good!!!!! We had forgotten to pack the camp stove though..don't ask me how you forget something like that but I did. So it was back to pioneer days of cooking everything over the fire for us!! The next morning Tim and I had trouble sleeping so we got up and started the fire thinking that it was 5 something im the morning. WRONG!! Tim's watch had stopped it was actually 4 something in the morning. The girls woke up about 5 so we got our smokies, scrambled eggs and hot apple cider going.. remember I cooked this over the campfire!! Impressive eh? Got our stuff picked up and got an early start on our hiking.

We hiked to Indian falls ONE of the ones in DeSoto park and then we walked the Azalea Trail. It was soo pretty. The weather was sunny and cool just perfect for hiking! The falls were amazing!! We went back to the campsite to let the little one take a nap. Afterwards we went to see the Little River Falls.

OH MY GOSH!! If you had the notion to you could "accidently fall off of this waterfall!!! We were able to wade right to the edge of the falls!!!!!!!! How amazing is that?!?! The girls had so much fun wading and "slipping" in the water! On the way back to the campsite we stopped to get some ice cream cones. We are TOTAL Mayfield Fans now!! If it is available to you RUN and get some!!

We also got side tracked by some very ugly Geocaches and the DeSoto Waterfall . How can you say something is on the red trail when there are 8 red trails i don't know but the water fall was amazing!!!!Once we got back to the campsite it was time for our weenie roast!! We cooked hot-dogs and s'mores and when we were all sick and full we got dressed in our jammies and I heated up more Apple Cider for us and broke out the new book I bought. Tim got the fire roaring so we were all nice and snuggly warm. Baby girl actually fell asleep while I read the story!! After the fire died down Tim and I hit the hay as well or tried to. haha I think someone forgot to warn us it was College Weekend at the primitive campsite!! Tim passed right out and I got to listen to the kids drunkly sing until 1-am. Fun times.. made me kinda jelouse. After the quieted down I was hoping I might ACTUALLY get some sleep. hahahahaha.  What felt like about 30 min after I fell asleep the little ones woke up and got a little scared and wanted to sleep with Mommy and Daddy which would have been fine if Baby girl had actually gone back to sleep. I was able to keep her quiet until the sun started rising and I felt that was good enough for me!!! Same thing for Breakfast as the  day before, Smokies, eggs, but we had hot chocolate. Daddy and Elder got tents down and me and the little ones got stuff packed away and general stayed out of the way! We got all packed up and hit the road. First stop going to see the statues of ALABAMA then after we hit the Senick Little River Parkway.  The overlooks were amazing but the Little River Park was a little disappointing. All in all we had an amazing time. We left a lot of area unexplored so that we would have reason to go back again!

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Living the G life! said...

Fun! Happy Anniversary, looks like such a great ime you guys had! :)