Wednesday, October 21, 2009

workin' woman

Yesterday was my first day helping out at WiseScrappers,  it was amazing! I had so much fun. I learned a few new skills which is always nice and I got to meet a few new people. We added some things into inventory man let me tell you what.. I've never made a Christmas scrapbook but I think I just might have to now. I am able to bring babygirl with me to work, listen to what I want on the radio, be surrounded by educational stuff and scrapbooking stuff I think I have discovered my perfect job!! Well my other perfect job :). Speaking of being a mommy. I realized the other day that my baby girl is no longer a baby. She doesn't even look like a toddle. My baby is now a preschooler. It's a little heartbreaking. She has just changed into a little girl. I'm going to have to have another baby so I can use up all this baby stuff we have laying around. Babygirl (she is still the baby of all the girls so ) has been going through our storage area dragging out old toddler toys and giving them to her bestie (an almost 2yr old).
       My husband had company over last night to play thier on line game. I and the girls spent Monday cleaning and getting everything ready for company last night KNOWING I had to work on Tuesday I asked Tim to get home a little early and pick up the mess the girls may have gotten out, and run a vacume before company got here seeing as it is shedding season. ha ha ha ha. Is it just a guy thing to not notice the mess around you?! I got home about 7 last night there was a sink load of dishes, the coutch was covered in clothes and the floor had not been vacumed, and they were already here just talking and having a fine ole time. It just makes me wonder... are men impervious to messes? Are they blind to them? Is it like a super power..Can girls get it? PLEASE!! Next time i'll just quarintene the house before hand... maybe that will stop them.

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