Sunday, October 11, 2009


Why is it that bedtime can be soo tiring. We follow the same routine but it just seems like somedays are worse than others. Tonight was one of those times. MAN! Each one takes turns coming out i think just to see how long it's going to take Daddy and I to get mad. Baby girl needs one more kiss, middlest made a special goodnight song just for us, Eldest wants batteries for her reading light. Then they all go back in for just long enough for you to finally breathe for the first time since 6am when they woke you up only this time when they come out again someone needs to go potty, someone took someones dolly blah blah blah and it all makes you wonder why you decided to have children in the first place!! Then after they go back in you hope its for good this time but you keep listening for those thumps and bumps that say they are playing and not sleeping. I don't care what ppl say about not letting them have anything but sleep dollys in thier room they ALWAYS have SOMETHING to play with in there. If there are true magitions in the world then children are it. They constantly have crap hidden in places you never to thought looking. Maybe thats why the kids are better at geocaching than I am.. They always know the best places to hide things. Tim thinks i need to breathe and relax during the day hahahah i've had all three kids home all week!  There was no time for that is he crazy?! There are some parents who mourn thier precious babies going back to school after a break.. NOT ME! Not one bit! I celebrate! As soon as the bus rumbles off I crank that radio and boogie dance all over the house! Then for lunch baby girl and I head to sonic for our celebration cherry limeaide and pickle-o's . I am sooo ready for everyone to be gone and the house to be quiet again! It's still a few days away though. Dang! Although, Timothy is going fishing tomorrow with Pookie-boo and my brother. As long as I don't have to eat it I am fine! He just has to be home by 4:30. Speaking of.. I am taking a Copic marker class at Wisescrappers tomorrow. I am sooooo excited! These are like super cool markers, super expensive too one marker is almost 5.00 can you belive that? Tim is a little worried first it's hand quilting next it's super expensive markers what will be next. I love the stuff im learning but really I like hanging out with my T and making new friends. Anyhow I must depart to make lunches for the schoolers for tomorrow! Have a blessed week!! I'm trying to think of a new bible study to work on... so I may have something about that later.

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