Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday,Monday can't trust that day...

After not sleeping all weekend I had fruitlessly hoped I might get some sleep before the week started. Tim stayed up to do some dishes and pick up a little before I started my apple-fest. I woke up about 5 this morning alone. hmm Well... maybe Tim fell asleep watching West Wing..again. So I went out to wake him up for work. He was all snuggled up on the couch asleep, sick as a dog. Poor baby. So he was heading to the doctor to get checked out seeing as he was exposed to the swine flu last week. I tried to keep the little ones quiet until it was time for he and youngest schooler to go to the doctor. Baby girl and I went and did some grocery shopping and started on our apple fest. about 1:30 they came home. Daddy with a virus Daughter with apparently reflux. yea!! Before Tim went to lay down we talked about diffrent ways to de clutter the house starting with the the girls' room's getting rid of well everything. So I'm cooking chili, apple sauce, applecake and now i've decided to declutter thier room by having them bring ALL of thier clothing into the livingroom for Tim and I to sort through. Nobody said I ever do things halfway hahah. Oh have I forgotten to mention becuase of all the hiking this weekend I've once again stressed out me knee?! Luckily it isn't that bad but it is painful and unconfortable. woohoo!! Things are SWELL!! So now at 9pm Tim isn't sure if he;s going to work again tomorrow (he is still feeling yucky). Eldest is spending time with her mother who is Thankfully well enough now. She has missed her mother. So Handicapped momma gets to take care of Daddy, two little girls, make apple stuff, clean the rooms and clean all the dishes that go with applefest!! Anyone know how to call the little elves to come help?? And what are we sitting here doing right now?? Watching one our favorite movies Stardust, hahaha like I said why do things halfway?

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