Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Sorry about the postings being so sparse. I wish I could say i've been busy but THANKFULLY i'm not.
I've been enjoying my down time. Spending moments making mud pies with BigGwrl who is getting older everyday. My Mother is finally feeling better. She's been really sick lately and due to my sibs reading this and being so far away, I had opted not to share that information. Things have been going very smoothly in the CRAZY HOUSE. We've had very few exciting  things happen since Sunday's walk.
The boy down the road with a crush on Eldest Story Here decided well who knows what goes on in boy's heads.. i prefer to think he was jelous of Basketball boy. Anyways, While she and basketball boy were riding their bikes over to thier friends house he (crush boy) decided it would be fun to throw his coat over Basketball ball boy's head when he missed he decided to throw it over Eldest's head. This time he didn't miss. She crashed into basketball boy and his bike. Came running back  in the house crying.. and running to the bathroom... saying she would tell me what happened in a sec. My Mommy radar went off. I figgured he had tried to kiss her or something. Nope. Her elbow and hand were covered in gravel and blood. She was trying to clean up before I freaked out. What a sweetie. So I got her cleaned up and gathered all my girlies to go have a little talk with someones mother. hahah . They had decided to leave as soon as Eldest had left ( the mom not knowing what her son had done. Which was fine I'd just send Big Daddy over there. They story get funnier. Big Daddy comes home and talks to Eldest and me to get the whole story about the bus stuff and this current incident. Finally they get home and they headd on over to the boys house. They were tipped off. apparently Basetball boy told Crush boy he was in BIG trouble and Big Daddy was looking to talk to the parents. UH OH. Big Daddy walked on the porch and the parents were waiting.. Crush boy took one look at Big Daddy and broke into TEARS! TEARS!!! Mom was pissed and had already read him the riot act. Told him to apoligize to Eldest.. He was sooo terrified of Big Daddy he wouldn't take his eyes off of him.  Eldest said it was the funniest thing she had every seen!!!  She is sooo My Child.

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