Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cooking oopsies..

I dont know about you all but I am subscribed to a TON of blogs, Food ones, Scrapbooking ones, and family ones, and Cake Wrecks which really doesn't fit with the others :). Anyways my point that I was getting to is that these people come up with these amazing recipies that just reading aboout make your mouth water. Hello Pioneer Woman... she takes normal foods and makes them just simply out of this world.. BUT you never seem to hear about the messed up foods.. the ones that just didnt quite make the cut. For instance.. Big Daddy TRIED ( because he loves me) to make Hush Puppies.. They were the most horriable hush puppies on the face of the Earth, I LOVE YOU FOR TRYING!! 
    FYI do not put Itallian Seasoning in Hush Puppies
THEN it was my turn. Yea. Middlest and I made Cupcakes...( from the box then) filled the cupcake tins half way and added a plop of Coconut Pecan Boiled icing, Then filled the rest of the way with the cake mix. Well DUH Rachael... the frosting sunk to the bottom and now we cant get the cupcakes out of the tins. THEN I decided to make Big Daddy a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I actually made a pie crust . It TURNED OUT!! I have NEVER made a pie crust that acutally turned out.. i was so excited!! So while I was waiting for the dough in the fridge to turn out I dug out the Strawberries and Rhubarb They were bad. I did Pilates with Eldest instead.  BTW can you hate your child because she is skinny and can put her foot to her ear? No? Dang it :)

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