Monday, May 24, 2010

Field Day at school

Today was field day!! What is field day ??  Its an outdoor game day.. obstical courses, hula hooping, Chuck-a-Chicken, 50 yrd dash, Sack races. and others.... all in 90 deg weather. BigGwrl and I decided to help the Kindergartners instead of the stinky 5th graders. Plus the Kindergarteners got to go in the morning. We had soo much fun!!! The kiddos did soo good!! We won the first round of tug o' war but lost the second. They had some super strong kids in some of those classes!! Middlest came in second in a few events, she tried very hard. Eldest came in second in the 50 yrd dash and her class came in first in the obstical course. But let me tell you what BigGwrl was so worn out from just walking from one event to the other that I had to piggy back ride her back to the car.. AND she fell asleep cleaning her room

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