Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Basil, Tomato, Mozzrella Sandwiches

Oh my goodness I am soooo im love!
Today for lunch I was in one of those moods that I didn't want to cook but didn't want a pb&j. Even though it's fresh Peanut Butter. I decided to try a Tomato, Basil, and Mozzrella sandwich. (esp since I wanted to make them for the girls tomorrow) I had to make sure they were yummy first.
All the ingredients were fresh even the cheese.
I am aware this is supposed to be an open face sandwich however I decided to make it more like a grilled cheese. ohhhhhhhhhh
I buttered two slices of fresh Itaillian bread then layered cheese, tomato, and basil sprinkled on a little balsamic Vinegar then topped it. I set it in the fry pan on medium heat then layed a Cast Iron skillet on top to smoosh it down.
Oh My Gosh.
If you haven't ever had one of these sandwiches make one soon. BUT make sure that you use FRESH Mozzrella cheese the kind in water.. Mine was little balls of cheese ,I wouldn't recommend that type because they roll off easily. Also use FRESH basil.
You will think you died and have gone to heaven. I promise. Well unless you are BigDaddy He isn't to fond of fresh basil ( he thinks it tastes like grass)

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