Monday, May 10, 2010

An OMG Supper

I planned this big yummy dinner for tonight before all the activites of the day dropped on us.
Big Daddy locked the truck keys in the truck and then forgot his badge to geet into work, so he didnt end up getting home until almost 9.
the supper was Baked Pork Chops marinaded in Balsalmic Vinegar.. ummm, with farm fresh Asparagus, and mashed sweet potatos with a Balsamic Vinegar. OH MY GOODNESS. I thought okay well this will be one of those iffy meals that I scrounged up out of my head that no one will eat except me.
The Baked Pork chops were simple enough... just put them in a ziplock with the balsamic vinegar and let set anywhere for 2 hours to 24 hours. I did four and they turned out just perfect. Just bake at 400 deg like you normally would.
The Asparagus is just as easy snap it, dump it in a bag with a little evoo and shake. Then lay them out on a cookie sheet , salt and broil until done they turn out crisp and not soggy which in my opinion is nasty.
The Sweet Potatos... okay the recipie called for me to peel and boil them. I have found baking them first is MUCH more tasty and they end up sweeter. Once you have baked them let the potatos cool and peel them.
Pop them in a pan to heat up for a few min. Then dump them in you mixer with a little EVOO and mash if desired add some butter (the recipe called for it i opted not to) then after you have plated the food add just a bit of the balsamic Vinegar on top.
This is a good healthy meal you will not regret making AND it was really easy to do.

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