Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day in the Garden

Every season the Botanical Garden near us has themes. Normally summer is Waterworks with diffrent types of sprinkler systems. HOWEVER , This year they changed it to TREEMENDOUS TREEHOUSES!! BigGwrl was a little antsy today and requested a trip to the garden.
Soo we packed up and headed out. We had so much fun!!
The Tree houses were HUGE!! We did not get to see all of them, it was getting a little hot and field trip kids were there.
The Above picture is the treehouse you see as soon as you enter the garden. It is a HUGE flower pot!!  BigGwrl though it was the coolest thing ever.
This one as you can see is a huge nest! What a great interpertation of a treehouse.
Guess what this is.....
got it?
do ya?
The Wizard of OZ!
BigGwrl loved the trees were covered in can flowers
This one was a swing set treehouse... i didnt get it but it's an interpertation. :)
Next to this was one called the Trading Post. BigGwrl thought it was scarey and so we ran away quickly.
Those were the end of the houses we took pictures of because I forgot my video card. :)
These are the turtles we found in the butterful house.
We were soo tired when we got back to the van. My poor baby was asleep before we got to the Highway.
She did say it was her gweatest day EVER.

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