Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day momma!!

We are late posting this sorry.

We made such a good Mothers Day for mommy. On Saturday we took mommy to the crick to play in the water. We buyed mommy a big floopy hat and Big sunglasses so she could be fancy when she was reading. We had so much fun. We catched minnows and crawdads!!!!!! We stayed up until tomorrow watching movies with Mommy!!! Then Sunday.. We let her sleep in since she has been sleeping bad lately. Then Daddy sorry Big Daddy went and picked Eldest up from her mommy. Then we were very quiet and cleaned the house. THEN we helped Daddy make breakfast for mommy. We made quieche  that pie thing with scrambled eggs and cheese and ham. It's mommy's favorite in the whole world. Then we went to grammas house and nanas house. Gramma and Pookieboo had a sad mothers day so we did a balloon release for our Great Grammas who are in heaven with God. We watched them go into heaven. Then we went to nanna's house. We had lots of fun. She went on a trip and brought us back cool toys!! Then we went to Ms. Kitty's house and saw her doggie he barks alot and didnt like us. She said her big sissy had a baby on mothers day! That is so cool! These are what we bought mommy for Mothers Day.

  We got mommy roses one for each girl
Middlest made this at school

Daddy bought this for mommy
But we have to go to bed now.
Thank you,
eldest, Middlest, Biggwrl

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