Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday Big Daddy decided we needed a short little drive through the country. HA hahah first we found this
Headed for the racetrack. hahah i've never quite seen anything like it.
Then we found a Farmers Market the specializes in Amish foods. They had a machine that squished honey roasted peanuts into Peanut Butter!! BigGwrl spend the whole day asking everyone if they knew that peanut butter comes from Peanuts! It was quite a lesson for her!They also had coke in bottles! We sooo could not pass those up!
 Then Middlest noticed she was not going to make it back to Huntsville in time for her to practice Ice Skating so we pulled out my phone and my GPS and located the nearest Ice Rink to Birmingham. Once we did we headed toward Pelham Alabama to the Civic Ice Complex.

Everyone got skates. BigGwrl was sooo excited until she actually got out on the Ice. Let me tell you something though when she actually let go of the wall she did better than anyone i've ever seen thier first time on the ice. She is so much like Auntie Oregon.  The girls had never seen Mommy skate and I suppose they thought I was joking about all the lessons I took. But once I hit the ice thier mouths dropped. and I really wasnt doing that well hahah it was the skating backwards that really got them.

We did some quick lessons about balance and gliding. She really gained some confidence. I think the eye black had a lot to do with it :) we all need our magic feather.
We didn't stay very long... But we had so much fun!!
Once we were done the girls were getting kinda hungry, We had seen a WHATABUGER sign coming into Birmingham and since that is a TEXAS fav, We decided to have some dinner there. What can I say Big Daddy loves me and knows how much I miss Texas.
The girls LOVED it !! Middlest thought they were even better than Cheeburger-Cheeburger ( NEVER) but it was still nice to hear!

Then we had to start heading home to get Eldest.  After picking her up we decided to check out the Newest grocery store EARTH FARE. OH MY GOSH!!! If you are a local GO THERE. We got soooo many yummy stuff. They had rye flour, rubarb, more make your own peanut butter!! We made Chocolate Peanut Butter!!! OH MAN I sooo wanted so much more stuff!! We had a wonderful day! Thank You BigDaddy for doing this for me.

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