Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saving the world with HAIR?

Yep. Well at least our beautiful beaches. A while back ago I posted a news article on Facebook about how local hair salons were sending the cut hair to Southern states to help soak up the oil. Apparently hair is one of our BEST resourses for this because not only does hair soak up the oil BUT it is reuseable! Once they wash the hair it can be used over and over again. How awesome is that?! I have Big Daddy all ready to go to one of these places when he gets paid, but the girls WOULD NOT get thier haircut and I can't take anymore of mine off. :( HOWEVER ... My beautiful Sister Jay decided this was a worthy cause and decided to cut her hair and donate it to the cause. Now other than trims I don't even know when she had it CUT. It was like down to her bottom! So not only did she do this for our environment but she also talked the lady who cut her hair into sending the cut hair she got!!!  So For the first time I am awarding a gold star for the love of one lady for our planet.
Thank you Aunt Jay for loving our planet!!

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