Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gwamma trip day #1

This morning after much deleberation (sp) we hit the road! For where.. well thats where it gets tricky.  We FINALLY decided to leave on Thursday instead of Friday.. However until we got half way through Kentucky We were not sure if we were going to go to St. Louis first or Allensburg Ill. *sigh* We eventually decided to go to Allensburg... or that general direction... we'll stop eventually.. right????
It was a great day!! We should have had super crappy possibly severe weather all day. I don't think we even got a sprinkle. We learned soo much about each state we went to. Middlest has learned that Abe Lincon was our 16th President, He was born in Ky. but lived in and is "allegedly" buried in Springfield Ill.
The girls were sooooo well behaved!! I dont think the girls have EVER been this well behaved on a road trip!!! I was stunned! Thier reward will be swimming most of the day tomorrow and lazing around the hotel!!!
You all have an amazingly blessed day!!

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