Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Days 6 and 7

We are in Kansas City visiting with my Grandfather these past few days. Normally we try to fit in at least a few historical / educational sights. So far though we have been resting and visiting.

The girls have been coming to see thier Great Grandfather... (Grand dad) at least once a year since they've been born. They absolutly love him and as you can see that is mutual. He discovered thier love for Musicals and has been shamelessly indulgent (but great grand dads are allowed). Yesterday was OKALAHOMA! Which if you have met my kids you know that is their favorite. They sang all the songs for him and even showed him how they ballroom dance. Today he got to spend some time alone with them and they watched SOUTH PACIFIC. The girls are in the bath right now singing "gonna wash that man right outta my hair". :)
This morning we took a short tour of Grandview Mo. and visitied an old friend of my mothers. The girls had so much fun!!! Gwamma's friend had soooo many toys to play with!!! Then since mommy (me) needed to do some laundry they girls got to go WITHOUT mommy to see Grand dad!!! This was the highlight until they found out tomorrow thier cousin was coming over for dinner and then to swim!!!!!! THEN we all went to Red lobster for supper. They were in 7th heaven!!!
Now of course it's bedtime and I am back to being thier LEAST favorite person!

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