Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5

Today has been a long, hot, busy day. I am exhausted. I took lots of pictures and FINALLY uploaded them on to the computer so today will be mostly those. (sorry)
First stop: the old State building where we took pics with Honest Abe.

then to Oak Ridge
Cemetary.. to visit family and Rub Lincoln's nose and visit his tomb

We visited our past.

Then drove to Hannible Mo. To see Mark Twain's home and where he wrote Tom Sawyer...
The girls got Huckleberry Ice cream!!!

We got to walk right up to the Mighty Mississippi!

We went to Becky Thatcher (unless you are my kids who insist its Becky BAtcher) house!

We got to pretend we were white washing the fence!!!
Then we drove ACROSS Missouri to Kansas City (Blue Springs) where we will spend a few days visiting with my Grand dad and then ... well who knows :)

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