Sunday, June 13, 2010

days 8-10

I dont even know what day it is :) ahahha I'm just going to do a wrap up.
Kansas City: day 8 We went to Barnes and Noble and got new books a Mo Willems book and a Berestien bears book and the Little Red Hen ( in anticipation of going to Kansas) we played with our cousin Ashley and went to Olive Garden with her THEN we went swimmy at the Hotel pool!!!!  The next morning we packed up and drove to Kansas.
day 9:
My Godmother Linda lives near the Kansas Ok border in a big PURPLE house. We LOVE her! Her house is soo amazing!
A whole side is almost completely windows!!
While there we went to a neighbors and saw chickens and brand new baby chicks!!!

We drove a tractor.
don't worry T they were going like -2 mph
We picked wheat. (like the Little Red Hen)

We ground the wheat berries... and when the wheat comes in and Linda sends us some we will make bread!!

and we got to see a tractor up close and personal

And then mommy got into Chiggers. Badly.
Then we came home.
The End

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