Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olive oil bread 1st and 2nd try

So I tried making Rosemary Olive oil bread today.  It was sooo bad!! We followed the recipie to a T the first time. The batch was dry and salty we could barley knead it. So we went ahead and let it rise but made a second batch adding extra water and extra olive oil. Even after the addition of an extra cup of water and 4 tbsp olive oil it was still dry. So we just called it and let it rise. They rose very well. punched each down and allowed to rise. They turned from to dry to to wet!! THEN we baked... the first batch tasted salty and very much like Irish Soda bread... not at all like rosemary and olive oil. So the second we laided out and baked like a foccia with extra oil and rosemary. It tasted much better this way more like a giant crouton :) So on to a new recipe!! Tomorrow its going to be apricot muffins and Buttermilk pie.

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