Friday, June 4, 2010

Gwamma trip day # 2

Today was pretty much a burn off energy day for the girls before the reunion and more traveling.
We went shopping well... we tried to finTom Sawyer for the little girls since we are going to Hannibel MO. Well where we are at has NO bookstores. NONE okay like a college bookstore. So we asked around.. one lady older than me with teenagers asked me if it was a MOVIE. serious.
So we gave up and bought the audio MP3. In between all this we went to Sugar Loaf indian mound (see above) This is the short blurb about it from the local visitors center.

Two large mounds stand on the heights overlooking Vincennes to the south and about a mile apart. Originally they were named Upper Sugarloaf and Lower Sugarloaf, from their resemblance to large conical loaves of sugar used in pioneer times. The Upper Sugarloaf has been renamed Son of Tabac Mound in honor of a local Piankeshaw Indian chief. The Buffalo Trace road from Louisville passed near the mound and early travelers climbed to its top for a view - or `prospect,` as they called it - of Vincennes on the prairie below. In 1872 a 46 feet deep shaft through the center of the mound revealed layers of bone fragments, ashes and clay. In 1897 the Lower Sugarloaf, now called Pyramid Mound, was dug into.

It was supercool and the girls enjoyed running up it and then back down. After all that fun we went SWIMMY!!!! SWIMMY SWIMMY SWIMMY!!! We love swimmy time!!!
Tomorrow we will be heading to the Breen Family reunion and then on toward Morton Ill.


Anonymous said...

I think you will want to place a facebook icon to your blog. Just marked down this site, although I had to do this by hand. Simply my suggestion.

Lifeandtimes said...

We have a Facebook page and a Facebook link.. because of the new design it's near the bottom of the page :) Thanks for commenting