Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Days

It has been a busy weekend Here in the Crazy house.. and an unpredictable one.. It started with Fathers Day Dinner for Pookie Boo. Eldest made pookie boo's favorite cake GERMAN CHOCOLATE and then helped him make Hamburgers for our special fathers day dinner. The younger girls helped by swimming in thier pool and staying out of the way :). We made plans with Big Daddys family to meet them in Hayden Saturday afternoon. We decided to get an early start and go to a friends scrapbook store.. SCRAPIN KATS. Big Daddys's parents called and it was going to be a few hours after we had planned on meeting so we decided to go to Ave Maria Grotto Big Daddy and I had heard about it but never been so we decided what the hay...
It was so amazing!! This man , Monk ( im not sure what the actuall term would be) made these from supplies he had on hand. It was very neat and soo much more than we expected!
Then we needed to head on toward Hayden.. we took a back way and showed the girls where their Great Grandmother lived before she moved in with Big Daddy's parents. Since we were headed to the cemetary we let the girls hop out of the car and pick some flowers to lay on thier Great Grandparents grave. It was so sweet. It was a decoration day for the Hallmark family. a day that they all get the "siblings" together and decorate the grave then go out for dinner and spend time together with family.

We really enjoy getting to catch up with everyone and this time was no diffrent.. the girls had so much fun at dinner. they DEFINATLLY got their share of lovins.
Then today we woke up early and went fishing with daddy... this lasted all of about 10 min. Middlest took a tumble into the lake walking out to fish, she lost her shoe, dropped her fishing pole AND got into seeweed before she announced very loudly SHE HATED THIS. BigGwrl soon followed. They had so much fun swimming while Daddy and Eldest fished. Then when Eldest was finished fishing they decided to have sea weed fights. Did I mention everyone was fully dressed? They all had so much fun. It was a perfect morning. This afternoon the girls cleaned the house and cooked Fajitas for thier daddy and showed him how much they loved him. I made him a embroidered thingy ( im not sure what you would call it? Wall hanging maybe) The girls bought and colored aprons ( which ended up to be little kid ones ((so they were for them to help him cook))) and Eldest colored him a visor. They also bought him a suger free chocolate pie!! He has been well spoiled this week.

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