Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 3 of Gwamma's trip

Day #3

As I said earlier we had to delay our post due do weather issues.

We started our day by packing up and heading out to Allendale Ill.

for our Breen family reunion. As we drove and tried to convince our GPS

that dirt roads do not qualify as a proper road; we came to a wooden bridge.

My mother and I HATE bridges. It was sooooooooo scarey!!!

We ended up driving over two others further up the road.

These are historic landmarks. And they seemed like it. All three were built in 1906!

I got out of the car to take some pictures of the biggest and you could see the water

through the planks.

We found the reception hall where the reunion was to take place but we still had some

time to spare so we drove back to St. Francisville and went to the two cemetarys to find

old relatives. Specifically Sarah Breen. We really enjoyed reading some of the headstones. Mom

and I were able to show the girls why they are such an important part of our history.

In one of the cemetrys we noticed a van stopping at places we had stopped at so we pulled over

and discovered that they were relatives of ours in town for the reunion as well!
There was about 50 people at the reunion ( inclding Grand dad ) some had come from down the street others from places like California, Wisconsin,

Texas, and of course Alabama! :) The girls enjoyed making new friends.

After the renuion we hit the road and headed toward Morton Ill. It was a good drive, fairly uneventful. We

got to our hotel checked in and... two story hotel we were on the top floor, no elevator, no pool. That okay right?

we can deal.. so we haul everything upstairs and get settled in. and head over to Ruby Tuesday for supper

because we needed HAMBURGERS! Got our tea... strong enough to strip paint, Got our hamburgers.. mine was raw.. we back

to the room get in our jammies and they break into the programing.. tornado watch. Back into clothes.. go downstairs to see

what the emergency plan is..go up stairs get mom and the girls go downstairs, sit in a hallway because now sirens are going off

after the front clears we go back up stairs... cue the next front... go back downstairs... go back up after getting more information

then I was just to dang tired to care anymore. Mom had put the girls to bed on the floor between our beds and all three were

dead to the world so I just put the pillow over my head and passed out.

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