Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Summer is almost over.....

I am usually looking foward to the end of summer. The girls go back to school, I get biggwrl all to myself. I get some quiet time. But this year... it seems like the summer has rushed past this year. We started out with Middlest's birthday and ran straight into our big family visiting trip,  then Eldest went on her big trip to Virgina, Big Daddy got laid off, we went on vacation, Pookieboo had knee replacment surgery, Mommy and Me camp, and Aunt Oregon visiting.. and here we are at the end of the summer.
Doesn't seem like so much now.
We only visited 13 states
an ocean
the Nations Capitol
Tom Sawyers house
Lincolns tomb
Met TONS of family
got to see what live chickens look like
did a TON of hiking
we had so much fun at Sumatanga
Went swimming at the river
saw soo much stuff
Its been a great summer. I cant wait to see what we can squeeze in this last week.

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Kat said...

i'm glad you had a good summer <3