Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Middlest and I had a full day today. FULL. Aunt Oregon is visiting right now and is spending time with each girl before she has to go back. Since Eldest was at her mothers that meant Middlest and I had the WHOLE day to ourselves. We had Hot Dogs for lunch, then vegged out and then went window shopping. So much fun! Anyways the poor baby has been having nightmares all night tonight. I blame the crappy hotdog restraunt. The first one was about a shark swimming on the beach and eatting her and then she had another one about being trapped in quicksand and mommy wasn't able to save her. :(( poor little girl :(( So after the second nightmare. We went and took a bath in mommy's tub ( which is sooo big so it's special) and we "washed those dreams right out of our hair" MAN am i a good mommy or what? First of all I thought to do it and Second I remebered all the words and managed to switch them to dreams. Oh and she also remembered the song! So HOPEFULLY singing a special song will help her to block out the bad dreams. She asked what Gramma would do for us but I couldn't remember.. i felt so bad. So I had to explain its been a long time since I was a little girl. Luckily she bought it.

The nightmare song

I'm gonna wash those dreams right outta my hair x3
If those dreams dont understand you..
If you fly on seprate beams...
waste a time make a change
Ride those dreams right off our range..
rub them out of your roll call
and drum them out of your dreams...
woah hoah woah hoah
i'm gonna wash those dreams right outta my hair x3

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Rhonda Emery said...

how cute and funny your blog is.
I am now a follower.