Thursday, July 15, 2010

30 days of popcicles day 3

We in the Crazy house are always looking for crazy ways to incorperate diffrent skills info every day things. Our latest project is 30 days of popcicles (it will not be everyday) just 30 diffrent types of homemade creative diffrent kinds of pops. Our goal is to show that desserts can be fun, inexpensive, and YUMMY.

Coconut cream pie pops.

Three words : OH MY GOSH!
 Ingredients: Coconut Cream Pie pudding, Toasted coconut, and Grahm cracker crust

There is no picture because well we ate them to fast.

even Eldest who hates coconut liked the popsicles.
Ohhhhhh soooooooooo yummy. Sooooooooo good.
Order of layers... toasted coconut, pudding, crust, coconut, pudding, then crust then bang to settle and mix everything down
Now next time we make these and there will be a next time.. i'll put pudding on the bottom of the mold instead of coconut.. though it did make it easier for them to come out... hmmmmm

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