Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 days of popcicles day 1

We in the Crazy house are always looking for crazy ways to incorperate diffrent skills info every day things. Our latest project is 30 days of popcicles (it will not be everyday) just 30 diffrent types of homemade creative diffrent kinds of pops.  Our goal is to show that desserts can be fun, inexpensive, and YUMMY.

To start our we went pantry raiding. We found diffrent kinds of jello, pudding, food colorings, and other fun stuff.
our first popsicle day we voted on Peach Jello with drained and rinsed fruit coctail.
we made the jello as instructed and filled the popcicle mold 1/2 then dropped pieces of fruit coctail into the mold until full. We added the sticks and froze them all day.
the Reviews : overwhelming YUMMY.. the frozen fruit was really good.

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