Tuesday, July 13, 2010

our sick family

So we have been TRYING to get over this nasty tummy bug raceing through our house. It started last week with Big daddy then progressed to the little girls then Mommy got it over the weekend. No matter how hard we try to contain it EVERYONE gets sick.. EVERYONE. And we all have our sickky things we want or things we do... BigDaddy's is 1/2 gatroaide 1/2 water to drink... and lots of movies and sleep. ( he turns into a bear and hibernates) he also wants chicken and dumplings.. which I didn't make this time because he would not have kept it down. The girls want to snuggle and get sickky cups w/ special juice ( pedialight)and watch movies with mommy. If it's not a throwing up bug they want 'Tato soup. Randi never gets sick but she does she wants to either go to mommies house or lay on the couch and watch movies all day without her sisters bugging her. Mommy wants snuggles and loves because I feel like im dying, mashed potatos, and special girl movies and of course Potato soup.
               Its hard to cater to all of our wants when no one feels good, but we all try. I've discovered the hardest part is remembering that our wants and needs are diffrent. I tend to "mother" BigDaddy and he tends to be hands off to me which is the oppisite of what we really want. Even after *chokes* 7 years.. man our annivesary of when we started dating is THURSDAY...crap.. anyways We learn how much we still need to work on things. We love eachother and spoil eachother just not the way we always need. it's kinda sweet in a yucky kind of way.

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