Thursday, July 8, 2010

OBX here we come.... or gone as the case may be.

So I haben't wanted to say anything the past few weeks but with the cancelation on the AIRES project looming my husbands job was on the line. Well since eldest ( which is another this I could not mention) was on vaca and needed picking up we decided if BigDaddy lost his job we would go on vacation. Since there hasn't been any time this year for one. We wanted to go camping on the North Carolinaa coast then work our way up to Washington DC where eldest was. Just in time for the 4th of July celebrations. As soon as BigDaddy got laid off we got planning and made reservations at the Capitol KOA ( if you are a camper and going to DC look this place up freaking awesome).Anyways we had planned on leaving early in the AM to start on our 15 hour drive but FORTUNATLY we decided to leave at 11pm. We did not realize from Alabama to the outer banks was 15+ hours. Anyways we set off. The sunrise in the smokies was AMAZING. North Carolina was beautiful the Outer Banks (OBX) was breathtaking. We camped in Hatteras Island state park. It was just a few dunes away from the beach AND not as crowded as a normal beach. We got Shrimp, and Clams for a seafood dupper on the beach. There was nothing like this AT ALL. The stars that night were... breath taking. Its a bit of a let down to look up now and know there are so many more stars than what we can see.

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