Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mud fight

I had started the previous post to write about the girls day andd it ended up being about how we all deal with being sick... i guess thats the way things go in the blogsphere.
anyways We all felt SUPER today so we stripped the beds and cleaned the house.
Then after our noon storm/ nap we bathed our poor stinky baby. The girls have NEVER given the dog a bath without mine or bigdaddys help before
Poor Indiana. She looks like why mommy why would you do this to me.
I would have saved her but.. she smelled and now she is pretty and you can tell she is has white areas.
Then the girls discovered it was muddy outside.
Mud... Mommy are there... mud puddles outside... suddenly the other two turn around...mud puddles??
Can we go outside?
Can we play in the mud?
Can we?
Can we?
get muddy.
just hose off before you come inside.

this was no lie 3 min after they went outside.
3 min.

Mud EVERYWHERE. Needless to say as the neighbors drove past we got some pretty
odd looks. Is that mom crazy? That family is odd.
Yeah I know.. heard it all before
I am the odd mom but I think they need these times to explore nature and bond with eachother with no rules.
except not in the face.
After they soaked up all the mud they hosed themselves off and filled totes with water and soaked their heads in the bucket. They wanted to see what thier mermaid hair would look like. Now who can arugh with that?
Once they got bored they all came in and showered off AND get this they put all thier clothes in the washing machine.. and started it! Without being told!! Can you belive that ? I mean seriously?! Now... they are all three playing "hairstyle" quietly in the little girls bedroom.
All three volunterarly playing together.
without killing each other!
This is a freaking great day!
except... middlest has picked up.. WHAT THE.. yeah.. Bad mommy yet again

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