Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Having all the kids home for almost a month and Big Daddy home for five months ALMOST helped me forget why I HATE weekday mornings.  Our routine WAS BigDaddy gets school kids up, dressed, fed, and on the bus in the mornings, So I could get a little extra sleep ( this started when we first got married because it held off the morning sickness). I think it's going to change. I HATE getting up and having half empty plates and cups all over my nice clean kitchen. I HATE waking up to a huge mess left from him making lunches. I hate the clothes thrown all over the floor from the child who decided the kitchen was where she needed to get dressed. And most of all I HATE waking up and finding BigDaddys mess from the night before. Stinky socks thrown in the middle of the floor, cups everywhere, chairs where they are not supposed to be. UGH. 
SO. I have decided that from now on I AM going to get up with BigDaddy and the girls. I have already started making middlest's lunches for the week ahead of time. Now comes the big stuff. No more " Did your father actually let you leave the house looking like THAT?" No more clothes on the floor. I am ready for battle. I really enjoyed waking up to making my girls breakfast and sitting at the table before our day started and being together. I'll be hornswaggled if this is going to continue. God put us in a new place so we could grow and change and I sure as heck am going to. WATCH OUT WORLD MOMMA IS GOING TO  BATTLE!

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