Friday, January 7, 2011

Mounted Pictures

My formal dining room is HUGE.  and my budget is.... not. So in light of this issue i've been trying to find BUDGET FRIENDLY ways to decorate it. It's been difficult, because lets face it budget friendly ideas are NOT always budget friendly. One website says to buy candles and a used mirror to decorate an unused fireplace. It cost like 30 bucks just for the candles,and that was just for the inside of the fireplace. ANYWAYS. So I decided to take some of the black of white photos of the girls and mount them on foam core. We have 9 pictures which cost about 25.00 to print as 8x10's at walmart and 2 sheets of foam core cost about 4.00 each. Then spray adhesive about 3.00.
It barley took anytime to do at all the most time consuming was the spraying and drying. (and then trying to get the spray adhesive off of ME)
All we did was cut 8x10's out of the board then coat with a LOT of adhesive spray ( i found out a large amount work better than a little) the set aside to dry.
I will post pictures as soon as we get the photos hung. and I find my camera.

Ps. If you read this article and noticed my spelling mistake i'm sorry but i was sticking to the computer. Adhesive spray is eeeeeeee-vil . It's like three days later and I still have that crap on my hands!

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HA! You are precious! Check your spelling exspecially near the end. I love you! T